• My name is M Shafi Goroo, I was born and brought up in Kashmir, India. Now I live in Delhi.
  • Worked in travel, tourism, arts and crafts industry.
  • I love photography and have been practicing it since last 3 and a half decades.
  • Travelled to 5 continents
  • Participated in expedition to Arctic and North Pole onboard Silversea Explorer via, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Canada July 29th, 2016 to September 21st 2016.
  • Kashmir is a photographer’s heaven. I am rediscovering it through my photography now.
  • Aim to show the beautiful world through my photography.
  • Specializes in Landscape/Nature and Portrait photography in addition to Wildlife, Fine Art and Sports/Action

The highlights of North Pole journey,


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Other Highlights 

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